Dear COBRA-CON Attendees,

     We deeply regret to inform you that the COBRA-CON convention currently scheduled for July 19th - July 22nd, 2020 is being postponed to the Spring of 2021. Our target dates are in late April, similar to the time-frame that was originally intended for this year's event. Please know that this was a tough decision for us that we did not make lightly, and we truly apologize to any attendees who made schedule changes to accommodate this hopeful target. We have decided to postpone the event for the following reasons.

Safety and state social distancing restrictions

     First and foremost, we are unable to predict with certainty if a convention of our size will be allowed on the reschedule dates we initially planned for. As of May 22, social gatherings in the state of Indiana are restricted to 100 people, which is well below the expected attendance of our event. Given the current restrictions, as well as our obligation to the safety of our vendors and attendees, we have decided to reschedule the event.

Vendor and attendee attendance

     We understand that the COBRA-CON convention is an incredibly unique experience in our industry, and as such we believe that the purpose of this type of event is best served in the spring before the US pyro season gets underway. Our event is catered to our vendors and attendees making valuable connections and gaining a wide array of knowledge, from learning about the systems we sell to the pyrotechnic industry as a whole. In order to ensure the best experience for our vendors and attendees, we have opted to postpone the event to 2021 as opposed to rescheduling again for later this year.

Firework shows / Demos

     Given the recent supply chain disruption in China, the production output of all fireworks (1.4G, 1.4G Pro, and 1.3G) is still recovering from the negative impact of factory closures due to COVID-19. Ever since the end of our inaugural event in 2019, we have strived to make every facet of the convention bigger and better than before, including the evening fireworks displays. Unfortunately, many of our vendors who plan to put on fireworks for our event have been forced to scale back their shows or pull them completely. While this has presented numerous event planning obstacles on our end, we also recognize that fireworks are what brings us all together to make this convention happen, and it would be a disservice to our attendees to provide anything less than what we have promised.

     In short, the concern is that a lot of time and resources go into executing this size of the event and we want to ensure the attendees and vendors alike are getting the most "bang" for their buck!

    If you already have purchased your attendee/spouse ticket for this year's convention, we have a few options for you to choose from.  There is no rush to make a decision right now, all three options will be available up until a month before the 2021 event.

 1) Convert your attendee/spouse ticket to a 2021 ticket. You will also receive an additional 15% of your ticket price in COBRA Credit. With this option, your ticket will become non-refundable.

 2) Exchange your attendee/spouse ticket for COBRA credit + 15% of your ticket price.

 3) Cancel your current attendee/spouse ticket and receive a full cash refund.

     Please email us at when you have made your decision.

     Again, you do not need to make a decision today, this week, or even this year. All three options will be valid up until a month before the 2021 event.

    If you have already paid a deposit on hotel reservations, please note that we are working with the host hotel with the goal of moving them automatically, and to allow any refunds if payment has been submitted. Please give us the next week to work through the details and provide an update as soon as possible.

     We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope that we can make it up to you with a spectacular convention in 2021! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Scott Smith