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Day 3

Day Three - April 2nd

Sessions and tradeshow continue with the highlight of the day being the Pyromusical Boot Camp.

Day three of COBRA-CON focuses on Pyromusical Boot Camp. 15 teams were formed and designed, scripted, set up, and fired their own pyromusicals with only half a day to complete the task.


Teams definitely got the authentic pyro experience as it rained shortly after set up and continued to rain with a temperature of about 39F. Despite the weather, all of the shows went up and looked incredible. 

Day Three Sessions

Flame on! Using G-Flames with Cobra

Presented by

Andrew Nguyen

Learn the features and functions of Galaxis G-Flames (propane flame machines) on Cobra firmware 6.0.

Pyrotechnic Choreography and Execution 101

Presented by

Ed Vasel

Learn everything you need to know about successfully creating and executing a pyromusical.


Join Ed Vasel of Dominator Fireworks as he guides you through pyromusicals. Learn about the following topics:


1) Soundtrack, music selection, and editing.

2) Venue / shoot site / audience / site map

3) Product selection / Pairing effects to sounds.

4) Choreography

5) Preparation and execution.


Presented by


What the heck is SMTPE? Well, it's a way to shoot your fireworks in perfect sync with your audio using a technology from the 80s still used today in the film industry. Applies to both entry-level users and advanced users of COBRA.

Designing Hybrid Pyro+DMX Shows in Finale 3D

Presented by

Finale Fireworks

Ready to take your shows to the next level? Join Will Harvey from Finale Fireworks and venture into the world of DMX special effects.


New to DMX? No problem! This session will guide through the steps of seamlessly combining fireworks with effects including, flames, sparks, lights, and more using the interactive scripting tools in Finale 3D.

MJG Firewire Initiators

Presented by

MJG Technologies

Join Jeff Genzel from MJG Technologies for a session dedicated to teaching you about the Firewire Initiator that revolutionized the electric firing of firework shows. Learn about the igniter, safety tips, and best practices.

Intro to COBRA Show Creator

Presented by


If you are just getting started with COBRA Show Creator, or looking for a refresher of the basics, this seminar is for you.


We'll cover the basics of COBRA Show Creator including how to create an automated timed show, create a STEP show, use My Fireworks to save time scripting, and some helpful settings

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